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The value of realising your potential

Adel Alenaizie found more than just career routes at The Manchester College.

After moving to the UK having little to no English-speaking skills, Adel lacked confidence in his ability to interact with his peers or perform under pressure. Through studying ESOL English, Entry Level 1 and working with his tutors and support teams to create a personal development plan, Adel has taken up a communicative role with the Reception staff on campus.

His role involves him approaching visitors and offering help or direction as well as superbly supporting the reception staff by stepping in as a translator to help overcome language barriers.

This has transformed Adel’s outlook completely and has allowed him to realise his potential and utilise his strengths.

He said:

Before I started college, I didn’t think I would be able to achieve anything because I couldn’t understand the language, but my teacher has explained that I can do anything if I work hard.

Adel’s next step is to continue on his course, progress to Level 2 and hopefully study Business at UCEN Manchester. This will enable him to stay in a familiar environment and ensure he has the right support and resource available to him throughout the remainder of his academic journey.

Adel said:

I feel happy and safe here. I have had a great time since I started, and I have learnt a lot. Learning to read and write in English gives me great confidence.

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