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The Manchester College Visual Arts student showcase 2021

Why cutting edge creatives should choose The Manchester College

Design and Visual Arts tutors take part in the #didyouknow Visual Arts week at The Manchester College.

Our #didyouknow Visual Arts week (June 10-14) is in full swing, focusing on the wide range of design and visual arts courses at The Manchester College, our talented arts students and colleagues, and promoting the benefits of a career in the creative industry.

We spoke to three of our expert tutors about why you should study Design and Visual Arts at The Manchester College:

Bettina Halpern

Second year UAL extended diploma tutor; also artist and print maker

"As part of our visual arts courses, students study different areas and then choose a specialism in their second year, such as print making, painting or video art. Our students have gone on to Goldsmiths, University of London, the University of Edinburgh, and Central Saint Martins among others, but we also have links with universities in Sheffield and Leeds.

"The visual arts and creative industries is actually a growing industry. And coming to study Visual Arts at The Manchester College gives you many different skills like problem solving, which is what employers are looking for. We want our courses to be about the individual, we give students the freedom to express themselves. Their projects are quite personal and passionate but they are guided by the tutors and given different ways of working. When you leave our course, you are in a position to understand what it takes to become a creative person and make it work for you."

Cynthia Seale

Technician demonstrator at Shena Simon campus

"At The Manchester College, students can express themselves and be who they want to be, and we give them the opportunity to do that in a safe environment. Students might end up doing creative things because they’ve had that opportunity. I always say give it a go and see, you might surprise yourself.

"My proudest moments are seeing students come from a very low levels go to a degree level study, students that thought they’d never achieve but then go on to university. That’s nice to see."

Ian Cale

Lecturer in painting, drawing and printmaking; also painter and photographer

"The Manchester College has a fantastic reputation for visual arts. As part of our courses, students have been to Berlin to do a residential. They’ve had the opportunity to see really cutting edge artwork and investigate a city that is exciting in terms of art and culture.

"Being able to work and live in Manchester surrounded by galleries, artwork and culture makes it a great place to be. In fact, a lot of our students want to stay in Manchester in terms of progression. It’s a cultural hub in the UK but also the lower cost of living means that you can afford a studio and to establish themselves as an artist."

Find out more about our Design and Visual Arts courses by signing up to our Open Day on 9 July or by visiting our Design and Visual Arts page.