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Portrait image of Zubair

Work experience helps shape Zubair’s plans to build career in architecture

When further education (FE) student Zubair Ibrahim was unsure about committing to a career path, our Employability and Partnership team helped him find the work experience he needed to make an informed decision.

One of the most useful benefits of studying FE at The Manchester College is our links to a range of industries. The Employability and Partnership team work tirelessly to provide opportunities for our students.

Zubair is studying for an extended diploma in Construction and the Built Environment, with a view to starting a career in architecture, but he was beginning to doubt whether this was the path for him.

“This career is a big commitment and I went through a time when I wasn’t sure it was for me. I was also struggling to find work experience myself, until I met the College’s Employability and Partnership team,” said Zubair.

“They used their contacts to immediately get me an opportunity at the architects AEW, then another at commercial property consultants Cushman and Wakefield, both in Manchester.

“I took a lot from both experiences, but above all else, being in that professional environment affirmed that this is the career for me. Now that I’m back studying, I can use what I learned there and share my experiences with other students. It was also nice to see the kind of techniques and practices we’re learning in the College being used by professionals in the industry.”

Zubair’s passion for architecture has been renewed and completing work experience at Cushman and Wakefield, a firm only indirectly related to his chosen career, played a big part in this.

“Experiencing an industry outside architecture improved my understanding of where my career would fit. It allowed me to see how that sector works with others,” he said.

Zubair is now back to studying during his final year with the College.