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What We Do

We can offer a wide range of activities and workshops. Depending on group size, preferred location and the time of year, each activity can be tailored to your individual needs.

As well as our offer to school’s booklet, we have developed a new bespoke package which takes into consideration online working, and can be delivered to your pupils either virtually or in person. By choosing from our packages, your pupils will benefit from a range of different sessions that are designed to help them as they make important decisions about their future. When choosing one of our bespoke packages you have a number of options:

  • Sessions can be delivered ‘live’ in school, virtually via MS Teams or Skype, we also have a range of pre-recorded sessions available. 
  • Sessions can be delivered to between 15-30 pupils 
  • Sessions range from 30 mins to 1hr in duration 
  • Our packages can be delivered weekly, monthly, or termly throughout the academic year. 

Listed below is a selection of the activities we currently run. They are designed to help young people in a range of different ways. Our dedicated team will work with you and your staff to promote a promising future for everyone. Our high-quality advice and guidance will be delivered in a simple way for pupils to understand, and we will help them discover the most fitting route for their future.

We can help them to identify which subjects are most suitable for them to study at Key Stage 4, what study programmes are available to them post 16 and post 18 and we can support them in finding which learning path is the most beneficial for their future career aspirations.

We can also create custom activities and programmes for you, if you prefer.

Get in touch with the School Liaison Team to see how our exciting new packages can benefit your pupils and help you achieve your Gatsby Benchmarks.

Our presentation sessions are designed to offer pupils an in-depth look into their post-16 options. These are suitable for years 10-13 and can be delivered at your school or sixth form, either to a single class or a whole year group in an assembly. School leavers could benefit from a careers-orientated presentation with a focus on T Levels, vocational courses and apprenticeships.

Students in year 12 and 13 can benefit from the expertise of our HE partners, UCEN Manchester, as they will learn about the different levels of study at HE, the different places to study and the UCAS system in a presentation about Higher Education.

Proving very popular with schools, our workshops focus on a range of different employability skills providing helpful advice, guidance and training to young people, preparing them for their future education, training and careers.

Pupils can learn about the importance of developing employability skills, learn how to write effective personal statements, CV’s and application forms, discover the current labour market trends, learn more about choosing their options in Yr 8/9 and even learn how to prepare for their college or apprenticeship interviews.

We have a range of new sessions this year, including sessions on ‘Getting ready for T Levels’ which is aimed to help pupils to better understand T Levels and how this level of qualification might suit their learning style through a combination of classroom theory, practical learning and industry placement. We also have a new ‘Personal Branding’ workshop teaching pupils about the importance of how they appear to others including the use of social media; and a very useful session on how to best deal with stress.

Pupils have the chance to experience a further education learning environment. They will be able to explore the facilities here at The Manchester College and experience what the college has to offer. Higher education tours of UCEN Manchester are also available for Year 12 and 13 students to discover what studying in higher education is really like. We have Student Ambassadors on hand who can support tours, speak with students about their experiences and advise them on different study options.

Curriculum specific taster sessions take the on-campus experience one step further, allowing pupils to see first-hand what studying further education is really like. Pupils will receive an insight into a variety of different industry areas with specific subjects to help them choose their next steps. We also offer curriculum master classes, where our curriculum staff can come out to schools to deliver sessions to students. This gives students the opportunity to explore specific areas of further education without having to leave school.

Our annual Year 10 Taster Day is an excellent way for students to receive a more in-depth understanding of what studying at The Manchester College is like. In 2022 we offered more than 1,242 Year 10 pupils the chance to try out two different subject taster sessions on campus. Feedback from the three campuses on the day, 89.1% of pupils said the day was ‘enjoyable’ or ‘very enjoyable’ finding it beneficial and informative.

In 2021 we introduced pre-applicant personalised individual tours which will give school leavers the opportunity to experience a further education learning environment either during or after school hours. Pre-applicants will be able to explore our state-of-the-art campus facilities here at The Manchester College including our brand new City Campus Manchester and experience what the College has to offer before submitting their application.

Get in touch with the School Liaison Team for more information on how to book one of our pre-applicant personalised individual tours.

Our team can attend any event or session you hold at your school or sixth form.  These include hosting an information stand at parents’ evenings or careers fairs, where we can offer advice to both students and parents who would like to know more about The Manchester College.

Our dedicated team of Careers and Welfare Advisers are also available to offer one-to-one support, or group support to students researching their future opportunities, or those who need additional guidance when completing their CV’s and applications.

We can deliver unique training sessions specifically for parents, teachers and careers advisors, as they support your pupils in making informed decisions about their future.

Our sessions are tailored to offer advice and support to school and sixth form staff or parents, covering a range of different post 16 topics. Some of these sessions include an insight into apprenticeships through Total People, understanding the new T-Levels, college entry requirements, the vocational study programme options for young people and even student finance workshops.

As well as all of our planned activities, we can also offer a variety of bespoke events. We can tailor any of the above activities to the individual needs of your school or sixth form, or even create an entirely new unique session if you need us to.

Our team can also provide you with regular custom updates of applications, enrolments and destination data too.

The Manchester College is proud to be working as part of the GM Higher programme, a collaborative network of Higher Education (HE) providers across Greater Manchester to provide high quality, impartial, advice and guidance regarding progression routes into HE. 

The partnership is part of the National Network of Collaborative Outreach (NNCO) scheme, which will deliver a nationally coordinated approach to working in schools, colleges and universities to help people access HE.

The aim of GM Higher is to increase awareness and raise aspirations amongst talented learners in Greater Manchester.  To see a full list of the activities we offer, or to engage with any of your local coordinators please visit the GM Higher website.