Information for Employer Partners

When a student attends a work placement or industry placement with an employer it is important that we provide support to ensure that appropriate health & safety processes are in place and that we gather details of ‘employer liability insurance’.  Our Employer Partnership Coordinators and Employer Engagement Leads will coordinate this process and this information would normally be gathered via our Grofar system. Our goal is to make the risk assessment process as quick and easy as possible whilst also safeguarding our students.

If you have any queries about the risk assessment process and employer liability insurance, please email

The Manchester College have invested in a work experience tracking solution called Grofar.  This system helps us to communicate effectively with our employer partners and has the following features:

  • Auto-contact messages regarding work placement arrangements
  • Support for employers to provide health & safety information prior to placements
  • Functionality to allow employers to quickly and easily provide feedback about our students

All work placement activities that our students engage in will be processed through the Grofar system and it has been designed to make things as simple and easy as possible for our employer partners.

When a student attends a work placement or industry placement with an employer it is important that we carry out some health & safety checks and record information such as ‘employer liability insurance’. Our Employer Partnership Coordinators and Employer Engagement Leads will support employers with this process and this would normally be gathered via our Grofar system.

Our goal is to make the health & safety checks as quick and easy as possible while also ensuring a robust process is followed. 

Covid-19 update: in light of the global pandemic, we have consulted with our Health & Safety team and employers who have agreed to host students in their workplace will now be asked to do the following in addition to our normal processes:

1) Complete and return our Covid Workplace Audit and Inspection document

2) Provide a copy of the organisation’s Covid workplace risk assessment document(s)

We really appreciate the support employers offer to us in hosting our students for work placement and the dedicated Employability Team is here to support you with these processes. If you have any queries about the health & safety checks, Covid-19 documents or employer liability insurance please email the team at

In order to ensure our employer partners offering work placements share our commitment to safeguarding, we have produced a simple guide to safeguarding for employers including details on what to do if you are concerned about a young person or vulnerable adult.

At The Manchester College we are incredibly proud of our employer partnerships and we are always keen to promote this and the brands of our partners in a positive light.

If you already partner with The Manchester College and would like us to promote your brand/logo and success stories, please download our employer permission form and email the completed form to

We ensure that our students are well prepared for work placements and industry placements through our weekly ‘Employability Hour’.  As part of this, we ask students to carry out a self-assessment of their employability skills, to plan what kind of work experience they would like to do and how this links to their career, and we also ask our students to set clear objectives around what skills and behaviours they would like to develop through work experience.

These activities help students to be focussed and purposeful on placement, having identified clear goals and explored the value of such experiences. On completion of a work placement, students are asked to complete a reflective log, linking back to their initial objectives, to consider what went well on the placement, what could have been better and how their future plans have been influenced as a result of their experience.

We value feedback from our employer partners about our student’s conduct and impact during placements. On completion of a placement an employer host will receive an automated email request to complete a feedback report. This information is a crucial part of the experience for students and offers them an honest insight into their performance and areas that they need to develop for future success. We appreciate any feedback from employers to support this reflective process.

Any employers hosting students currently or in the future with general queries can contact the Employability team directly on

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