How to Partner with Us

Partnerships with local, regional and national employers and stakeholders are central to ensuring that our students have the opportunity to explore career aims, develop the right inudstry-standard knowledge, skills and behaviours, and can effectively network in their chosen sector.

Partnerships also allow us to promote brand awareness and bring employers and stakeholders together for networking opportunities. Employers are invited to support us in developing the future pipeline of talent, be involved in the development of our curriculum to ensure that it is meeting current and emerging industry needs and engage with potential future employees.

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Industry placements have been introduced by the Department for Education to give learners on technical/vocational courses the chance to put into practice the knowledge and practical skills they have gained from a college course. Placements provide employers with extra support for their business from a student studying on a relevant course.

The placement is a minimum of 315 hours, usually spread across 45-60 days but can be longer if this suits the student and employer. The student and employer receive support from an appointed member of college staff before, during and after the placement to ensure everything works well.

More information on industry placements

Typically lasting between 2 days and 2 weeks, a work placement offers a student an insight into the industry they want to progress to and allows them to network with potential future employers and colleagues.  The aim is for students to gain a greater insight into industry and to develop work ready skills and increased confidence.  Employers can expect prepared and focussed students who are ready to contribute in any way they can to support day to day activities.

Sponsored Programmes are a partnership between an employer and The Manchester College, offering the unique opportunity for industry experts to support the design and delivery of vocational skills, ensuring our students are equipped with exactly the right skills and knowledge to gain employment in their chosen career. 

The partnerships also offer students work experience, invaluable industry insights and networking opportunities, providing a direct link into the industry of their choice.  Employers have a unique opportunity to promote their brand via our website and social media channels and become an employer of choice for the future talent pipeline, working directly with and upskilling potential future employees.

Work related activity covers a range of different ways to engage our students directly, usually in the College environment. This could include delivering an industry/careers talk, running a stand at one of our career/industry events or even giving interactive masterclasses. 

Employers have the opportunity to promote their brand whilst also supporting our students to explore career pathways and develop insights into industry.  Employers can also promote or select students for other opportunities such as work placements.

Every March The Manchester College celebrates National Careers Week and each year we aim to make this event bigger and better.  The event covers all sectors and is designed to promote industry careers and excite our students about their future.  We encourage our employer partners to support this event and other similar events throughout the year. 

Employers can promote their brand whilst supporting our students to explore career pathways and develop insights into industry.

Why not invite our students to visit your workplace and gain a real insight into how your industry works. This will give you to opportunity to promote your brand and also to meet future talent from the local area.

A great way to show off our partnership and promote your brand to a wide audience, we can offer employer partners the chance to sponsor awards at our student events throughout the year.

Our students are developing the right skills, knowledge and behaviours to succeed in the world of work.  Any partnership activity offers you an opportunity to meet these fantastic young people and support their development.  On completion of studies, many of our students will explore apprenticeships, internships and paid employment for their next steps. We can advertise opportunities in a targeted way through our Careers team and through curriculum teams.