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Careers event highlights new and exciting industry pathways for Childhood Studies students

Our Industry Excellence Academy for Childhood Studies recently hosted an event to show The Manchester College students career opportunities working with children and young people. 

Our Childhood Studies students recently attended a careers event where they were given the opportunity to have one-on-one discussions with industry experts and listen to guest lectures about careers within the sector.

Industry experts, including guests from Kidzrus and Vision for Education, attended the event to highlight the wide range of established and new career opportunities available in the early years and education sectors.  

Childhood Studies Course Leader Nicola Dillon, who co-organised the event, commented: "It's important we support students with career progression and job opportunities so they are aware of all the avenues they can explore.

"It was great to have guest speakers from the industry come in to help students with professional development, share their knowledge and prepare students for working in the sector".

Watch the video above to find out more about our Childhood Studies careers event.

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Nicola, Childhood Studies Course Leader:
We basically want to support students with career progression, job opportunities within the sector because we think it’s really important that students are aware of the different avenues they can explore and follow.

Ruby, Education and Childhood Student:
We had different employers come in to speak about what they do and to talk to us about career opportunities.

Kayleigh, Education and Childhood Student:
The pathway of Forest School and also Nursery Manager really interested me.

Naomi, Forest Schools:
The students were really engaged. They asked amazing questions.

Diane, Vision for Education:
To give them these opportunities is really important. They want to gain as much knowledge as possible to inform their own futures. It just gives them another pathway.