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Students receiving trophies at the Sports, Public Service and Criminology Awards

Students honoured at Sports, Public Service and Criminology Awards

Sports, Public Services and Criminology learners were recognised for their hard work, growth, and achievements at our third annual awards.

The Manchester College recently held its third annual Sports, Public Services and Criminology Awards, honouring learners' dedication, excellence, and achievements.

As part of the event students and staff heard heartfelt speeches and stories from presenters and winners while also enjoying musical entertainment, including a saxophone solo from Omogbolahan Solarin, who was also awarded Male Student Athlete of the Year.

Discussing what the awards mean to colleagues and learners Course Leader in Sport and Public Service Justine Stevenson said: "It was wonderful to share so many heartfelt moments at our Sports, Public Service and Criminology Awards, acknowledge our students' hard work and recognise how they have grown academically and personally over the course of the academic year. 

“We’re so proud of our learners and their achievements”.

The Manchester College’s Basketball, Netball and Football Academies and Association of College Ambassadors were also honoured for their respective contributions and achievements during the season, including The Manchester College’s men’s football team winning the Association of Colleges North West Men’s Regional League 1.

Assistant Principal Julian Smith, Sports Public Services Care Professions and Science, commented: “During the year our students show a huge amount of dedication and commitment to ensuring that they achieve their full potential. Events such as these provide the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate their achievements and are also an amazing way to recognise the hard work they have invested into their studies.”  

Full list of awards and winners:

Student of the Year awards

  • Sport Student of the Year – Chun Hin Hung
  • Public Service Student of the Year – Phoebe Lind
  • Criminology Student of the Year – Umer Farooq

Academic Excellence awards

  • Criminology – Amber Savage
  • Level 1 Sport – Kobe Micah
  • Level 2 Sport – Kinza Fatima
  • Level 3 Sport – Lucas Dyer
  • Level 1 Public Service – Hadia Noori
  • Level 2 Public Service – Jad Kalakech
  • Level 3 Public Service – Maddie Bates

Special Recognition awards

  • Criminology – Alicia Heaton
  • Level 1 Sport – Stephen Green
  • Level 2 Sport – Maximillian Bunter
  • Level 3 Sport – Harley O’Donnell
  • Level 1 Public Service – Khuram Ahmed
  • Level 2 Public Service – Kacie Neath
  • Level 3 Public Service – Emma Hartley

Industry Excellence awards

  • Criminology – Lil Mitchell
  • Level 2 Sport – Ben Lawler
  • Level 3 Sport – Olivia Neokli
  • Level 2 Public Service – Michael Phythian
  • Level 3 Public Service – Oliver Terry

Sports Awards

  • Netball Academy MVP – Mary Otoe
  • Netball Academy Coaches Player – Luana Chaves
  • Netball Academy MIP – Brandy Osazuwa
  • Basketball Academy MVP – Joshua Forde
  • Basketball Academy Defensive Player – Chun Hin Hung
  • Basketball Academy MIP – Malik Sodik Leke
  • Football Academy Top Scorer – Lewis Docherty
  • Football Academy Coaches Player – Charlie Atherton
  • Football Academy Players Player – Charlie Atherton
  • Sports Volunteer of the Year – Adam Mfelam
  • Sports Leadership Award – Miranda Ruziwe
  • Male Student Athlete of the Year – Omogbolahan Solarin
  • Female Student Athlete of the Year – Luana Chaves
  • Outstanding Progress Award – Reece Graham

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