Student Union

The brand new Student Union at The Manchester College is coming very soon. Run by students, for students, it will provide some fantastic opportunities for you to meet new people, get involved with events and enjoy your time at TMC even more!

It’s currently in development, and is set to launch in September 2017. The current student body is creating an SU Constitution, speaking with students, building ideas, and putting a plan in place to provide the best possible student union experience next year.

  • The Union will be run by elected students and will be here to represent your voice and make sure you get the most from your time at TMC. You’ll be able to share you views, opinions and ideas to a group of representatives who are elected every year.

    Together with the Student Union President, it’s their job to oversee the running of the Union, and in time, they’ll be completely independent from The Manchester College, solely looking after your interests as student. They’ll be running events and activities, helping you to develop skills and nurturing your talents.

  • There are lots of different ways you can get involved with this up and coming Student Union. You can take part in all our clubs, societies and general enrichment programmes, and make sure you put your own thoughts and ideas forward.

    Come and meet Brin, your SU President at various campuses throughout the year, or catch up with him at the annual student conference. You could also buy an NUS card and an SU hoodie (which support the SU becoming independent), and even stand for election as a Student Rep to shape the student experience.

  • Becoming a Student Rep is your way to get your voice heard and directly influence the way the Student Union and the college are run. It’s a voluntary role, but you’ll be going the extra mile and working for positive change, something that employers value highly.

    You’ll participate in a fun and interactive training day at the start of the first semester, and then must commit to attending three meetings per year. You’ll speak with fellow students and find out how they’re feeling, and then feed their opinions back to college and SU staff in our Student Rep meetings.

    When you become a Student Rep, you’ll benefit from playing an active role in the Student Union at The Manchester College, having your thoughts heard and making a difference for you and your fellow students. You’ll develop your own confidence and debating skill, and will graduate with a certificate to prove your dedication and commitment to future employers.

    If you want to get involved as a Student Rep, elections are usually held during Induction Week. You can also register your interest by contacting