Students' Union

The Students’ Union (SU) is run by students, for students, and is here to support you.

It provides fantastic opportunities for you to meet new people, get involved with campaigns and societies and aims to make your time with us even more enjoyable. The SU is not at one physical location. It is something you can join in with and be a part of at every campus. 

Every student under The Manchester College is automatically a member of the SU. The Students' Union empowers students to create their own societies and produce their own campaigns. SU Officers support your student voice and represent your academic interests. 

Introduction to the SU President and Vice President


Sal Brouwer, Students' Union President

Hey everyone, I’m Sal Brouwer and I’m excited to say that I’ll get to be the president of the Students' Union. It’s looking like an exciting and eventful year, and I look forward to welcoming all the new students starting this year, but also to working closely with a team of both students and staff.

At the Students' Union we are always looking for more students to be active, so we would love to hear from you and potentially get you involved on a regular basis in as many ways as you can and want. This ranges from student union officers to student reps for your specific course. 

I have just graduated from the Film and TV Production course here at UCEN Manchester, and I’m really looking forward to meeting people from all the different courses and to work as hard as I can to make sure everyone has an amazing time studying here. After living in Manchester for almost three years now, I have fallen in love with this city and hope to be able to share that passion with people who have just moved here. 

I hope to create an environment where everyone feels happy and comfortable to come and speak to us at the Students' Union and to express any concerns or problems you may have, as we really are here to help you have the best experience possible. I look forward to meeting you all and hearing your ideas.


Teri Devlin, Students’ Union Vice President

Hello all, my name is Teri Devlin and I am delighted to be the Student’s Union Vice President. I study Sport and Exercise Science : Strength and Conditioning. I have progressed from the Level 3 National Diploma to Extended Diploma with The Manchester College into higher education at UCEN Manchester. 

I balance my studies with numerous sporting hobbies and have gained valuable voluntary experience with local clubs; my network is quite large and I am looking forward to the connections we may form. This summer I am volunteering at the Paralympic Swimming World Championships. 

Starting a new course whether you are in a new city or not can be daunting and although my experience was a smooth transfer in the campus I already knew, I too, am getting to know new campuses in this role this year. But there are so many opportunities to get stuck into something and the lecturers offer advice beyond the curriculum; we are fortunate to be based in such a thriving city, look into the options you have career wise and to make the most of your time at UCEN Manchester. 

My main focus for this role is inclusion of opinions but making valuable changes in which we, myself and Sal, are thankful for those before us in setting such a high example to continue. I look forward to working alongside many new work connections as well as friends. This role is to work together to work on pressing matters and behind the scenes problems you may face in your personal life, career life and studies. Togetherness is the most appropriate way to deal with anything, let it be a problem or an idea, and I always have time to listen to both. 

Contact The Students’ Union:

There are lots of ways to get involved with your SU, including:

  • Write a piece for the student newsletter or an article for the SU Bee Blog.
  • Create a campaign for change – e.g. single use plastics campaign
  • Attend NUS Conferences
  • Volunteer at SU activities - we partner with organisations around Manchester to give you opportunities to get involved in community projects
  • Join a soiety or team
  • Find people with similar likes and interests as you by following the SU social media pages on Instagram and Facebook, or by emailing



The clubs and societies at The Manchester College reflect our diversity and the passion of our students. We’ve got a whole host of clubs and societies for you to get involved with, whether you’re new to the hobby or a passionate fan already, including:

  • Book club
  • Men’s football team (UCEN only)
  • Open mic society (UCEN only)
  • Christian union (UCEN only)
  • Tech society (UCEN only)
  • Creative jam society (UCEN only)
  • Ukulele society (UCEN only)

We want everyone to feel like there’s a group for them, so our Students’ Union is always open to ideas and suggestions for new clubs and societies.

If you're interested in starting your own or joining one of our clubs or societies get in touch:

All our societies are accessible via social media and offline taking place in our Students’ Union spaces.

Facebook @tmcUCENstudentsunion

Twitter @TmcSu

Instagram @tmcsu