Student Voice

The Manchester College is all about you. We want to make sure all our students get the chance to share their opinions, suggest changes and raise any concerns they might have, so that we can make college the best possible place for you.

Your student voice is vital, so we’ve put together a number of different ways for you to let us know what you think. It’s your chance to have a say on how we run things, tell us where we can make improvements, and put forward you own ideas for the future.


We’re really looking forward to working with you throughout your time at our College to ensure ‘your voice’ is heard and listened to.

As a student, you’re able to provide a unique perspective on college life and it’s really important that you get as many opportunities as possible to share your feedback - we’ll use this information to make changes that will benefit you and future students.

How to get involved 

In order to make a real difference, students and staff need to work together and that’s why there are many different ways that you can get involved, develop your skills and have ‘your say’.  These include:

  • Joining our campus and College student leadership teams
  • Becoming a Student Ambassador, Study Programme Representative or Peer Mentor 
  • Taking part in our My Voice survey, which runs three times a year  
  • Attending student engagement events and participating in student focus groups
  • Expressing your thoughts and ideas through creative channels, such as drawing
  • Taking part in informal events in our College’s cafes – chat with staff over a drink  
  • Enjoying lunch with our College’s Principal 
  • Taking part in other student engagement activities.
Download our booklet

Our student council represents the whole student population on college-wide issues. Your student council representative will be able to put forward comments and ideas to our governing body and push for change across almost every part of college.

You can about more about how to get involved on our student council page .

Student reps are elected from within courses; you might have one per year, or one per group depending on the course and subject area. Their role is to help improve the courses on offer at The Manchester College, and help you overcome any difficulties whilst you’re studying.

They meet regularly with teachers and tutors as part of the Student Staff Committee, where they’ll be able to voice your comments and suggestions and provide you with feedback directly. You can ask questions and discuss problems with your student representative, who’ll then raise issues with the committee on your behalf.


Each year, on two different occasions, we ask every student to complete a survey. They don’t take much time to fill in, but they’re a really valuable way for us to find out about your opinions and suggestions. We use these surveys when we’re reviewing our courses and updating programmes.

If you’re in your final year on a university-level course, you’ll get the chance to complete the National Student Survey and tell us what you thought about studying at The Manchester College.

From time to time, we also ask some students to join us for a small focus group. This is just where we get together around a table and have an informal chat about certain issues that might affect student life at college. It’s your chance to talk openly and freely – because we really want to hear your opinions!