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Eating Out

Whatever your tastebuds are craving, you’ll find it in Manchester. From high-end, exquisite restaurant dining (if you’re celebrating a special occasion or just feeling a bit posh), to deliciously fresh street food on the go (when you’re just a bit peckish or late for class!), we’ve got mouthwatering international flavours of every kind.

Our cosmopolitan culture means we have cuisines to sample from all around the world. Tuck into Brazilian grub or enjoy some African cooking; get your fill of traditional Italian food or indulge with a Mexican snack. Whether you’re looking for a dedicated vegetarian and vegan café, or you’re craving a meat feast, you won’t have to look far in Manchester.

One of the most famous areas in our city is the 'Curry Mile'. The sights, sounds and smells of this short stretch of road through Rusholme are indescribable. You’ll just have to visit yourself. Award-winning restaurants sit next to fast, filling and indulgent kebab houses, and you can take your pick from a huge selection of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Middle Eastern cuisines. There are always plenty of deals and offers on, so be sure to wander up and down to find the best!

Manchester’s Chinatown has been established for a number of years now, and if you’re in the mood for Chinese it has plenty to offer! Choose from upmarket eateries around the main square, or head to one of the numerous buffets for maximum value. You’ll find a number of Malaysian, Korean and Japanese restaurants in our city too.

Casual bar food is one of Manchester’s specialities, and goes hand in hand with our exciting nightlife. New relaxing dining venues and pop-up bars that serve food open almost every week, and you’ll never struggle to find somewhere to grab something delicious yet affordable. We’ve got everything covered, from pies and ales at Pie & Ale, to infamous burgers at Almost Famous. And with numerous lists of the best burger joints and pizza places, we wouldn’t blame you for trying each one and deciding for yourself!

If you’re just looking for steaming coffee or a hot cup of tea, with the option of a sensational cake or tasty sandwich on the side, you won’t be far from a quaint tearoom or contemporary coffee shop. To keep things independent and avoid the chains, take a stroll down any of the streets in the Northern Quarter; Ezra & Gil, Gooey and Another Heart to Feed are some of our current favourites.

Sometimes you don’t want to try something new, you’re just hungry for food you know and love. Wherever you are in Manchester, you’ll find loads of the classic student staples. From all-you-can-eat buffets to a cheeky Nando’s, a visit to Pizza Express or a stop at the local McDonald’s – you’ll get plenty of student discounts here and save loads of money!

If someone else is buying, or you just want to treat yourself, Manchester is increasingly becoming known for its fine dining. With Manchester restaurants like Erst and Mana being added to the Michelin-guide, there are more fine-dining destinations than ever before. For the more accessible end of posh, try Australasia or WOOD.

Street carts and pop-up food stalls can be found throughout the city, but you’ll often find them congregated together at the numerous food festivals and regular markets we hold in the city. Northern Quarter hosts artisan craft stalls and food traders at the Makers Market on the second Sunday of every month, while Piccadilly Gardens and Cathedral Gardens form a central part of our famous Christmas Markets. For year-round delicious local produce, pay a visit to the Arndale Food Market.