Our Pass

Our Pass offers Greater Manchester’s 16-18 year old’s free bus travel on all local bus services across the region, making it easier to access education, work, training, culture and leisure opportunities in the city. It removes the hassle and cost of buying individual bus tickets and can be used seven days a week.

Our Pass also provides direct access to a range of activities for 16-18 year old’s in Greater Manchester, such as tickets to sports and music events. 

You can apply for a pass on the OurPass website using the link below. You must be a Greater Manchester resident, and aged at least 16 and under 18 on Wednesday 31st August 2022. If you live outside of Greater Manchester, you can speak to our Careers, Employability and Welfare team about support available.

In addition to this amazing opportunity, if you apply to study with The Manchester College, there is a number of additional benefits to support your learning.

Depending on the income of your parent/guardian you may receive extra funding for food and essential course kits to help you afford college through our own study award bursary .

To be eligible for some, or all, of this award, your parent/guardian will need to meet the household income requirements. If you’re a care leaver, or look after children including unaccompanied asylum seekers, you could get money towards free meals.

To apply for this award, you’ll need to fill out an application, which you can pick up from one of our many campuses across Manchester.

Apply now.