Sitting Exams - Frequently Asked Questions

The dates of your Nationally set exams will be made available to you via your student hub. 

On demand exams will not be available via your student hub, these will instead be confirmed via your tutor. 

You will usually sit your exam at the campus where you study. There are some exceptions to this so you must check the exams section of your student hub regularly. 

All of the Rules and Regulations are available on the 'Rules and Regulations' page on this section of the website. They will also be available on the day of the examination in and around the exam room.  All Rules and Regulations must be adhered to, so it is extremely important that you read the documents available to you before and on the day of your exam.

You will need to bring equipment that is essential to the examination you are taking. Most examination papers vary as to what you require for the examination, so it is best to check with your tutor before hand.

You are expected to bring along your own equipment to each exam. We only have miminal spare equipment to provide if you are unable to bring your own. 

You will need your ID Badge to get on to the campus and to sit your examination. If you forget you ID, you must go to Reception before your exam and pay for a replacement ID Badge.

Food is not allowed into the exam room. If you need to bring a drink it must be in a clear plastic bottle with the label removed.

Ideally you should arrive 30 minutes before the start of your exam.

You may be allowed to enter the exam room, this will be at the discretion of the centre staff. This is dependent on the length of the exam you are sitting. 

This is known as a ‘clash’, the Exams team will make alternative arrangements for this and let you know the arrangements on the Student Hub.

You should plan to stay for the stated duration of each exam. You must be kept under exam conditions until the minimum required time per exam has passed, this is dependent on the length of each exam.

This depends if there is a resit date for the particular examination within the academic year/s you are enrolled on the course. Please check with your tutor.