Examination Results

The results of your Examinations are extremely important to us. We aim to get them to you as soon and efficiently as possible.

There are different ways you will receive your results, depending on the type of qualification you are studying. Some examples of different methods you can receive your results are below. There is also some information below on post results services, for example how to request a review of marking to the awarding body. 

If your examination is an online test and was arranged for you via your tutor then your tutor should be able to pass you your results shortly after the examination. Timescales do vary depending on the Awarding Organisation. Please liaise with your tutor.

If your examination was paper-based and was arranged by your tutor, then your tutor will either mark the paper or send the paper back to the Awarding Organisation for marking.  Either way your tutor will inform you of your results.  Timescales do vary depending on the Awarding Organisation. Please liaise with your tutor.


These examination results are subject to nationally recongised release dates. Your results will appear on the Student Hub on the results day. 


Unitised results will be provided by your tutor when they are made available by the Awarding Body on results day. You will receive your certificate for your confirmed overall result as soon as possible after being claimed by your tutor. 

For some examinations, the Awarding Organisations offer a Post Results Service for students, where you feel you have not been graded correctly. The application forms will be available to collect from your tutor who you will need to complete the form with.  The application form should then be taken to the Reception at the campus where you study for processing of the payment. It is then submitted to the Exams team for processing with the awarding body. There is a limited period of time you can apply for these services, so you should aim to complete and return this form as soon as possible once your results have been made available to you.