Level 3 Results Day round up

Read more success stories from Results Day 2021.


Name: Juan Marzana

Course: Business Venture with Entrepreneurship

Result: D* D* D*

Next step: Degree in Economics at Manchester Metropolitan University

“I’d always wanted to be an economist and studying on this course has helped me to learn more about the whole subject.

“My tutors have been very supportive, flexible and always there when I needed them. In five years time, I hope to have started my career either as an economist or business analyst.

“I’d recommend the College as my tutors were very good, they knew a lot about the subject they were teaching and were always willing to help you.”


Name: Abby Chapman

Course: Theatrical and Media Make-up

Result: D*

Next step: Special Effects Make-Up degree at UCEN Manchester

“I chose to study at The Manchester College as the Theatrical and Media Make-up course looked the best for me and for helping me to get into the industry I want to work in. I loved studying here as the tutors were very helpful and we studied everything I’m most interested in.

“The best thing about studying at the College was that I was pushed to be the most creative I could be and I was supported a lot.

“In the future I want to be working in the film and TV industry doing make-up.

“I would definitely recommend The Manchester College to anyone interested as they really do help you to be the best at what you are interested in doing.”


Name: Fatima Zia

Course: Diploma in Women’s Hairdressing

Result: Pass

Next step: Employment

“I chose to study at The Manchester College because a friend recommended it to me.

"I’ve had an amazing time studying here. I took my skills to the next level and prepared myself for a career which I love. I also made lots of new friends and my tutor really helped me a lot.

“Now I want to gain more experience working in a hair salon. My tutor has helped me find a salon, where I’ve since had an interview and got the job. My long-term career aspirations are to have a large clientele and develop my skills further.

“I really would recommend The Manchester College as it’s a great place to learn. I was happy every day, I made lots of friends and the tutors are really supportive.”


Name: Sara Lee

Course: Aviation Operations

Result: Merit

Next step: Returning to The Manchester College for her final year

“I chose to study at The Manchester College because they had great facilities, such as the aircraft cabin, and they had the course that I wanted to do.

"I have found the time exciting and different. Leaving school was a big step but studying at The Manchester College has made me feel welcome, ready to learn and become industry ready.

"The best thing about studying here is working with the people you are surrounded with, making new friends and sharing ideas and opinions related to industry.

“Following my results, I hope to continue my education journey and go to university, where I would like to study airport management, then continue my journey into the aviation industry. My long-term career aspirations are to become a passenger service agent within an airport, then move on to becoming cabin crew and working for an airline.

“I would 100% recommend The Manchester College to others because you feel at home here. You can develop your skills and knowledge with support to go into the industry you want.”


Name: Luke Taylor

Course: Acting

Result: Distinction

Next step: Returning to The Manchester College for his final year

“I chose to come to The Manchester College because of the emphasis they place on both theatre and screen work, whereas a lot of other places focus mainly on theatre. I also preferred the BTEC to the A Level because there’s more performance work than written work. I’ve got to work with people who I would never thought to group up with and made some great friends.

“I’ve had personal stuff going on, such as caring for my mum, but everyone has been so helpful and understanding. There have definitely been stressful days but if I’m feeling down, someone always pulls me to one side and asks if I’m okay.

“I’ve already recommended The Manchester College to some friends because it’s in the centre of Manchester, there are great networking opportunities and you are learning from people who are still in the industry, so you get a first hand experience of what it’s like.”


Name: Jessica Thompson

Course: Uniformed Services

Result: D*

Next step: Returning to The Manchester College for her final year

“I came to The Manchester College because it had the right course would help me to join the uniformed services. It was also far enough to get the independence I wanted but close enough to travel every day.

“My first year has been great. Everyone was really nice and I met some great new friends. The Manchester College is a great place to learn and I’m looking forward to coming back next year. The people are very welcoming and they offer a range of different courses that will help you in the career you choose to do.

“I’m still unsure on my long-term career aspirations but dog handling in the police or the army has always been my dream. I love to work with animals so going out with them, training them and looking after them will make me happy.”

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