Level 3 Results Day success stories

Hear what some of The Manchester College's highest achievers have to say.


Name: Morgan Hunston

Course: Public Services and Criminology

Result: A*

Next step: Degree in Psychology with Psychotherapy and Counselling at the University of Central Lancashire

Morgan: “I spoke to my tutor, Holly, when I came to the open day. She was so lovely and it was a nice environment, so I thought: ‘Here is where I want to go’.

“I have loved my course and I’ve had a great support system during my time here. I never once felt uncomfortable talking to a tutor or getting involved in a class. I actually recommended the College to my friend, who ended up enrolling!”

Tutor Holly Williamson: “Morgan has always maintained high grades and high attendance throughout the two years she has been here, even though she has some caring duties.

"She works so hard and never expects the grades that she achieves, always challenging herself and not afraid to work with me to find out new information and make the most out of her UCAS application.”


Name: Keziah Mbungu

Course: Business Venture with Entrepreneurship

Result: D* D* D*

Next step: Degree in Accountancy and Finance at Manchester Metropolitan University

Keziah: “My course at the College has been really good and has helped me to look not just at business, but the sector as a whole. My ultimate career aim is to gain experience working for other accountancy businesses before setting up my own firm.

“I’d recommend The Manchester College as it’s a really diverse environment and the tutors are really friendly and helpful.”

Tutor Nafisa Tahir: “Keziah has been an outstanding student over the course of two years. She has been very committed and passionate from the beginning, submitting high quality work, and has always been open to developing on her skillset.

“In her first year, Keziah attended a three months’ work placement with recruitment company Adecco, where she undertook the role of a Branch Administrator. She was actively involved in the marketing and recruitment aspect of the role and thoroughly enjoyed her work experience there.

“In addition, she has actively sought another work placement this year with real estate company Lendlease, where she has excelled within this role. She has now been offered a paid working position within the company over the course of the summer.”


Name: Hannah Wang

Course: Animal Management

Result: D* D* D*

Next step: Degree in Animal Behaviour and Conservation at Manchester Metropolitan University

“I chose to study at The Manchester College after they came to my high school. The course introductions and presentations really interested me. When I got home, I went onto the College website to learn more about their courses and student life. The website is easy to navigate and the student life looked great , which prompted me to want to study here.

“My time studying at College has been enjoyable. I learned a lot of new knowledge and developed a lot of useful skills, which will help me in my future career. The best thing was making new friends, studying together and becoming better together.

“I would recommend The Manchester College to others because its teaching quality, friendly staff and wonderful environment have made me very happy during my years of studying here.  The subjects are very diverse and you will learn a lot.

“I am going to study Animal Behaviour and Conservation at Manchester Metropolitan University, where I hope to develop more skills and gain more knowledge on my profession. My ultimate aim is to be an animal conservation worker.”

Name: Jessica Ashton

Course: Digital Technologies Extended Diploma

Result: D* D* D*

Next step: Degree in Video Games Development at the University of Central Lancashire

“I chose Digital Technologies at The Manchester College as I was interested in computer science and programming. This course offered a lot such as basic programming skills, recoding and checking for errors, software and hardware.

“I’ve really enjoyed studying at the College. The online lessons have been really helpful and the tutors have been readily available if you have any questions, even throughout the pandemic.

“I’m interested in the technical side of creating video games more than the artistic side, so I’d love to work for one of the games companies in programming.”


Name: Daniel Saunders

Course: Sport & Exercise Science

Result: D*

Next step: Degree in Outdoor Adventure and Environmental Studies at the University of Cumbria

“All the tutors have been brilliant and the pupils have been great to work with. I’ve really enjoyed my time here.

“The tutors don’t judge you. They constantly encourage you to get better and go through things step-by-step. We haven’t been able to do our exams this year but I know we were thoroughly prepared.

“When I first joined the College, it was a new location for me and new people to meet. Even though we missed a few months in lockdown, I’m going to miss the College quite a lot. If people are thinking of joining The Manchester College, I can say it’s a place they will immediately like.”


Name: Alicia Mhlanga

Course: Motion Design & Animation, in partnership with Flow Creative

Result: Distinction

Next step: Degree in Digital Animation with Illustration at Futureworks

“The Manchester College was my first choice as it offered the exact animation course that I wanted. The time I have spent here has been great. I have learned how to use software that I couldn’t afford at home and now have some skills that I can carry with me for the rest of my life.

“The best thing about studying here was seeing how my range of skills developed compared to when I first arrived. I would recommend The Manchester College because the teachers there are extremely supportive and if you try hard enough, you will definitely achieve your goals and produce some impressive work for your portfolio.

“I hope to progress to Futureworks to study for a degree in Animation with Illustration, while also completing some animation work experience. By the end of my university course, I hope to have secured a job placement at a top animation studio.”


Name: Natasha Mohammad

Course: Childcare and Education

Result: A

Next step: Degree in Primary Education at Manchester Metropolitan University

“My 500 hours of work placements have really helped me enhance my learning and made my assessments easier to complete. My tutors always pushed me for Distinctions and now I am on target to achieve that. Without my tutors’ help, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this.

“Studying at The Manchester College has really made me confident. My tutors have constantly pushed me to get out of my shell and get involved. My speaking skills have really developed, which will help me to become a primary school teacher.

“My tutors have really inspired me to become a teacher. Watching them teach my class sparked a passion for me to get into teaching.”


Name: Asiya Hussain

Course: Women’s Hairdressing

Result: Pass

Next step: Employment

“I chose to study at The Manchester College because it was close to my home and children’s school, and I’d heard good things.

“I’ve met a lot of new people on my course and I’ve learned lots of new skills. I’m now looking for a job in the industry. I’ve even thought about going mobile to build up my clientele. Eventually, I want to become a full-time hairdresser, build up my skills, develop my techniques further and maybe go into beauty and nails so I can offer more services.

“I would recommend The Manchester College because the staff are wonderful and very helpful all the time.”

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