Course Details

  • This course will prepare you for work or an apprenticeship in IT Support by giving you knowledge, technical and practical skills and understanding of how to apply these in a work-related environment.
    Developed in close conjunction with leading employers, this course will also help you develop transferable workplace skills such as good communication and the ability to work in a team, which employers identify as essential skills for gaining employment within the sector and progressing onto further roles.
    Throughout this course, you will learn the following skills and behaviours expected by employers within sector:
    • understand how information systems are used and apply technical knowledge related to computer hardware or software
    • understand IT network features and functions, common practices in network security, and the function and features of the main network appliances
    • use a range of operating system (OS) security functions and associated features
    • talk to clients to get details of faults
    • understand reasons for faults and explain them to the client, logging client calls, recording problems and solutions
    • restoring processes in computers and peripherals
    • set up new equipment and upgrade existing systems
    • test and service equipment recording problems
    • work as part of a team to support business IT networks and online features and functions
    • understand the main laws and regulations and ethical responsibilities regarding data protection, and the Computer Misuse Act 1990.

  • To be eligible for this course, you must have a Level 1 qualification in IT, or relevant industry experience, and a reasonable level of English at Level 1.
    We will conduct a short initial assessment to check your level of skills and current abilities, followed by an interview to confirm your interest and understanding of the course to decide whether it is suitable for you.

  • This course will be assessed via an online written exam and various elements of coursework.

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