Benefits to Employers

As well as being able to offer students practical experience and valuable insights into industry, our employer partners benefit in a range of different ways, including:

  • Recruitment and talent development - the opportunity to meet and develop potential future employees from a local talent pipeline.
  • Staff development – through appointing staff as mentors to placement students and encouraging staff to reflect on their practice and career through industry talks.
  • Brand promotion – we are proud of our employer partnerships and keen to promote these through a range of channels, raising the profile of our employers.
  • Networking – the opportunity to attend networking events and meet local and regional employers.  We organise and host a range of networking opportunities for our employer partners every year and invite employers to support our advisory panels to inform and influence our curriculum design and planning.
  • Community development – positive involvement in raising the aspiration and skills of the local community a chance to ‘give back’ to the community and inspire the next generation, thereby helping to meet Corporate Social Responsibility or outreach aims.
  • Fresh Perspective – our well-prepared students can bring fresh ideas and technical skills to provide a real contribution to your business aims, whilst also helping out with day-to-day tasks by undertaking work placements in your business, or work trials before potentially joining your workforce.
  • Meet and influence our students – at The Manchester College we have over 25,000 students per year and we aim to link our 5000 16-18 year old students with industry for work experience and employer encounters.  A partnership with The Manchester College offers you the chance to promote your brand to a wide range of students and staff and to influence and support young people with the skills and talent to support your work force.