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Free Work and Skills Courses for Adult Learners

Adults looking for work can boost their chances of progressing into employment or further study with Free Work and Skills courses at The Manchester College.

If you’re aged 19+ and you’re looking for work, then you can sign up for a place on one of our Work and Skills courses.

Read on to find out more.

Why study a free adult course?

The benefits of returning to college as an adult are substantial and can have a transformative impact on your life. Our free adult courses enhance your employability by developing valuable skills that are in demand within the job market, opening doors to a wider array of job opportunities. 

These courses provide a platform for comprehensive skill development, empowering you with practical knowledge and expertise. You get a unique chance to explore personal passions and interests, potentially leading to a career path aligned with your aspirations. 

By investing time in a free adult course, you get to enrich your professional capabilities and cultivate a sense of purpose and direction, boosting your self-confidence and employability.

What free courses are available for adults in Manchester?

We offer a range of free courses for adults, explore your options below to find the perfect course for you:

How long do our free college courses for adults last?

Our comprehensive range of courses extends over the duration of a full year, offering participants an extensive and in-depth learning experience. These courses are thoughtfully designed to cover a wide array of topics, ensuring that learners have the opportunity to acquire a deep understanding of their chosen subjects. 

With a year-long commitment, our students have the flexibility to pace their learning according to their individual preferences and schedules.

What will the courses consist of?

The courses content will vary depending on the subject you opt for, more information about them is mentioned on the course page. 

The courses will be facilitated by industry experts and will be delivered through a mix of classroom and practical delivery.
You’ll receive a dedicated tutor to support you with personal, one-to-one feedback and to support you through the course as you learn at your own pace.

We’ll also support you with your search for a job before, during and after your course, helping to ensure you find a career you’re passionate about.

How can the course improve professional opportunities?

Upon completion, you will have a nationally recognised certificate that you can add to your CV. This will emphasise your dedication to professional development and show employers you have the skills and knowledge needed to excel in your career.

You can also use this course as a stepping stone to further your education and professional development with more advanced courses. 

What are my salary prospects after the course?

Supported by our team of experts, your course will provide you with the skills, knowledge and qualifications you need to enter your desired industry and reach your career goals. The salary potentials per career path can vary, ranging from £17,000-£39,000

What funding is available?

Through the Free Courses for Jobs Fund (National Skills Fund), students can enrol on free programmes if:

  • They're 19 years or older and studying your first Level 3 qualification
  • OR if your earnings are below £18,525 or if you're unemployed, regardless of your existing Level 3 qualification status. 

What are the entry requirements?

Typically for each course you will be required to have a Level 2 in the same subject. Please check the entry requirements for each subject for more details. 

How to enrol on our adult courses

Choose from our wide range of course subjects listed above. Click on the course page and select ‘enrol now’. Then, click ‘apply now’ at the bottom of each page. You will then have to create an LTE Group account and proceed with the application process and start your adult education journey. 

Do you want to return to education as an adult?

Learn more about The Manchester College's free courses for adults and enrol today to begin your adult education journey.