How And When To Enrol 16-18

Whichever course type you're studying, when your start date is approaching we'll be in contact to give you more information about enrolling with us and help you complete your enrolment.

How to enrol

If you have applied to join the College in 2023, please be aware that our appointment window for 16-18 enrolments has now ended. If you have applied to join the College in September 2024 or re-join us in September 2024, then please read the sections and stages below when it comes close to the time to enrol (August). For January starts, please see the dedicated section below.

The following courses are now full for the 2023/24 academic year and are operating a waiting list for those who have already applied, therefore please do not attend to enrol on any of the below courses.

Subject Area Course

Level 1 Automotive Maintenance 

Level 1 Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair (Wythenshawe only)

Level 2 Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Business and Professional Level 1 Introduction to Business (Wythenshawe only)
Computing and Digital

Level 1 Introduction to Computing and Digital (Wythenshawe only)
Level 1 Pathway to Computing and Digital Technologies

Level 2 Computer Science and Digital Technologies
Level 2 T Level Transition - Cyber Skills for the Digital Age
Level 3 Computer Science and Digital Development
Level 3 IT Practitioners Technicals in IT - Introductory Diploma

Level 3 T Level - Digital Production, Design and Development
Level 3 T Level - Digital Support Services


Entry Level Construction Skills 
Level 1 Bricklaying
Level 1 Carpentry and Joinery
Level 1 Construction Skills
Level 1 Plastering
Level 2 Bricklaying

Level 2 Plastering

Creative and Digital Media

Level 1 Introduction to Creative Media
Level 2 Creative and Digital Media Production and Design
Level 3 Digital Art and Animation for Film, VFX and Games
Level 3 Game Art and Development in Partnership with GPC
Level 3 Motion Design and Animation in partnership with Flow Creative


Level 1 Electrical Installation

Level 1 Engineering
Level 2 T Level Transition - Engineering


Level 1 Music, Performance and Production Arts - Music Pathway
Level 2 Music Performance and Production
Level 2 Music Peformance and Production - Production Pathway

Performing Arts Level 3 Performing Arts (Musical Theatre) 
Public Services and Criminology Level 3 Criminology 

Level 1 Applied Science
Level 2 Applied Science

Level 3 Applied Science

Visual Arts Level 1 Art and Design
Level 2 Art and Design
Level 2 Art and Design (Photography)
Level 3 Art and Design

Everyone at the College has been working hard to ensure that when your course starts you will receive a great college experience in an environment that is welcoming and puts you first.

Don’t worry, we know there is quite a lot to take in - we will share they key messages and information you need to know in the coming weeks once you have enrolled.

If you've applied to study with us for September 2023, please be aware that our appointment window for 16-18 enrolments has now ended. 

If you haven’t previously completed an application via our Application portal (

If you would like to speak to someone about a course then please phone 03333 222 444

If you've told us in your Progression Review that you'll be returning to us in September, there are some key dates you need to be aware of and a few things you'll need to do before you re-join us.

Visit our Next Steps page to learn more and find out what steps you need to take.

Please remember our team are still here to provide all the answers and support you need.

We have a number of in person open events taking place throughout the year, check our Events page to see our upcoming events .

If you require advice or would like to change career pathway, please contact the Student Careers team by emailing careers& to arrange an appointment or call 03333 222 444

Congratulations on securing your place at The Manchester College for 2024.  We hope you are as excited as we are to work towards becoming the next generation of industry excellence.

With your place secure, you will need to take a few simple steps to complete your enrolment.  Below you will find all the details of everything you need to do to activate your enrolment, as well as useful information about your new course.

Your enrolment will go through various steps:

Stage 1 – Logging in to Apply Portal

Simply login to your Apply Portal and you will see our request for you to complete your enrolment form in the Get Ready to Study section (this will only be available 90 days prior to the start of your course and if you are starting with us in September).  If you can’t remember your login details you can reset them easily, here’s a link to the guide.

If you have not yet accepted our offer of a place, you will see the tile to accept the offer before you can complete the digital enrolment form.

Stage 2 – Enrolment Form

Please check the information you’ve previously submitted is still accurate, and then continue to complete the other information which we require to progress your enrolment to the next stage.

Within the Evidence section you will need to upload a passport-style photograph for your student ID card; instructions for this are in the Portal under 'Uploads'. If you are unable to upload a photo, don't worry, we can take your photo when you come to campus to enrol. You will get your ID card when you come onto campus to complete your enrolment.

Stage 3 – Review

Once you have completed the above steps, you will be taken to the 'Review' page. Please double check all the information is correct, including your contact details and your next of kin details, and click 'Submit'.  If you notice any errors while on the 'Review' page, simply click on 'Edit' under the section you wish to correct and make any changes required.

Please take a look at our video guide:

Stage 4 - Book an Appointment

Once you have confirmed all your details you will be redirected back to the Portal homepage where you will see a new tile which is where you will book an appointment to come to campus to complete your enrolment.  Clicking on 'book' will allow you to choose an enrolment date and time that suits you.

On the day of your appointment, you will be required to arrive at your campus of choice where your details will be given a final check and you will go on to speak to your tutor team to ask any further questions you may have.

Please take a look at our video guide on how to book an appointment for your enrolment:

Stage 5 - GCSE Results Day

On GCSE results day, please login to your account and update your predicated qualifications to the actual grades you have received.  You will also be required to take a photo of your GCSE results and upload them with your statement of entry you receive from school.  You will need to do this in the ‘Evidence’ section of the portal.

Please note, your name on your results slip must be visible so we can verify your results.

This must be completed prior to the enrolment slot that you booked in Step 4.

Please also bring your original results and statement with you to your enrolment appointment. 

If you don’t get the results you’re hoping for, require advice, or would like to change your career pathway, don’t worry. You can speak to your tutor or the Student Careers team when you come to campus, or alternately you can email careers& to make an appointment. 

Stage 6 – Signing Your Learner Agreement

You will sign your Learner Agreement when you pick up your ID card when on campus.  Once you’ve signed this, you will receive further communication via email on how to access the Student Hub, where you will find important information on when you start College and your timetable.

Enrolment Dates

If you are unable to complete any, or all of these steps, you are more than welcome to come to your chosen campus and speak with our Admissions, Curriculum and Student Careers teams.

Our appointment window for 16-18 enrolments (September 2023) has now ended. 

A Welcoming Learning Environment

We have prepared a student handbook for you that outlines what you can expect in September and this will be emailed to you in the coming weeks.  Don’t worry, we know there is quite a lot to take in - we will be sharing the key parts with you through your induction period at the start of your programme.

Many Thanks

The Admissions Team @ The Manchester College

Call Centre: 03333 222 444

Find your campus

If you are not a national of the UK/EU and you have not been resident in the UK/EU for the last three years, you will need to provide evidence of your residency.

If you haven’t received your enrolment email in the last few weeks and you think you should have done, or if you don’t have a conditional offer yet, then get in touch with us on 03333 222 444.