Humanities & Social Sciences

If you’re fascinated by the way the world works and amazed at how the human mind functions, then any one of our courses in humanities and social sciences is likely to interest you and lead you to a number of exciting and extremely varied career opportunities.

Courses in this subject area are all about expanding your knowledge and exploring ideas, whether they relate to our society, our laws, the way we think or the way we act. With our expert course tutors and incredible choice of topics across the department, you’ll be exploring insights from the past to face the challenges of the future, and developing a host of skills that will benefit any career.

When you study an Access to Higher Education Diploma, you’ll benefit from our fully equipped, well-resourced classrooms alongside access to an extensive range of up-to-date materials and literature to give you the best insights into your chosen subject.

Although the majority of our humanities and social sciences courses are classroom-based, you’ll still have some fantastic opportunities to attend specific events and workshops – such as the Law and Criminology Conference – and take part in engaging visits to a number of relevant locations. 

Whether you’re an aspiring lawyer or an eager historian, there’s a wide range of courses in humanities and social science to help you on your way to amazing! We offer a range of Access to Higher Education Diplomas if you’re returning to college and have aspirations to go into higher education at university.

You’ll find our Access to Higher Education Diplomas in Humanities and Social Scences at our Openshaw Campus and our Shena Simon Campus in the city centre.

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Lilly Houston

The course and tutors allowed me to gain a better understanding of what I wanted to do at university and later in life and the skills and knowledge I gained in these classes have been transferable into my studies and also my work. The College were really helpful throughout my studies and since leaving and I feel like you wouldn’t get the same support from other colleges.

Lilly Houston • Humanities and Social Science student