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(Part Time Non Released - 2 years)

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The Conveyancing Law and Practice Diploma includes the following modules; The English Legal System, Law of Contract, Land Law, Standard, Conveyancing Transactions and Understanding Account Procedures.

Exceptions may be available if you have previously studied one or more of the modules which we offer at level 4, where you only need to enrol on the appropriate modules. This means less study time and lower costs for you or your employer.

You can also apply for a loan to cover the costs for the full course over two years.

Upon completion of this course, you will be have attained the skills required to work in a legal environment related to estate management and/or conveyancing.

This qualification is open to those with little or no legal experience. There are no formal entry requirements (though a very good standard of English is highly desirable) and you do not need to be working in legal practice at the time of your enrolment.

Of all the CLC Level 4 modules which you will be studying, only one, Understanding Accounting Procedures, is assessed by means of an examination.

The remaining four are all assessed by means of written assignments for you to work on, complete, and submit to your tutor.

Should you wish to continue with a CLC qualification, we offer the L6 Diploma. Upon completion of this qualification you
will become a licensed practitioner.

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