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7 Easy Steps to Becoming an Accountant

Accountants play a crucial role in financial management, helping individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of commerce. If you're considering a career in accounting, you're on the right track. 

In this blog, we'll guide you through the seven easy steps to becoming a successful accountant, and how The Manchester College can support you on this journey.

#1: Find an Accounting Qualification to Match Your Goals

The first step on your journey to becoming an accountant is to align your career goals with your chosen area of accounting. 

What do you envision for your future as an accountant? Are you interested in public accounting, corporate finance, tax accounting, or something else entirely? 

Your career goals will shape your path and if you aren’t sure yet about your future career our team will help support you set your ultimate career goals. 

Whether you're an adult learner looking to enter the field or seeking to refine your expertise, at TMC, you'll find a wide range of accounting courses that cater to different specialisations. 

#2: Becoming a Certified Accountant

Certification is a milestone that sets you apart as a professional in the accounting talent pool. It not only boosts your credibility but also unlocks doors to diverse career opportunities. 

TMC offers support for various certifications, including the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians). We understand the importance of these certifications and are here to guide you through the process, ensuring that you are well-prepared for success.

#3: Gaining Experience as an Accountant

Acquiring practical experience in the world of accounting is invaluable. It allows you to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios and build a professional network. 

TMC's programmes offer advice, opportunities and support that can help you balance your studies and gain hands-on experience. Additionally, we have a rich history of successful alumni who launched their careers with the support of TMC's programmes.

#4: Specialising in Accounting

Accounting is a diverse field with various specialisations, including bookkeeping, tax accounting, auditing, forensic accounting, and more. Exploring these options opens a world of exciting opportunities. 

TMC provides resources and guidance for those looking to specialise within accounting, helping you define your unique career path.

#5: Networking for Success

In the accounting world, networking is more than just exchanging business cards; it's about building relationships that can shape your career.

We understand the value of a professional network and support students in networking and connecting with industry professionals. Learn about the best employability and networking practices, as well as how they can influence your career journey.

#6: Launching Your Accounting Career

After completing your education and earning your certifications, it's time to launch your accounting career. TMC offers comprehensive career support services, including job placement assistance. 

Discover potential career paths for newly qualified accountants and gain insights into what to expect as you transition from education to the workforce.

#7: Career Progression as an Accountant

Your journey as an accountant is not a static one; it's a path of continuous growth and development. Staying updated with industry trends, regulations, and best practices is essential for career progression. 

We provide resources for ongoing learning and professional advancement, helping you adapt to the evolving landscape of accounting, including changing regulations and the latest technology.

Your path to accounting with TMC

Becoming an accountant is a journey filled with possibilities, and with The Manchester College as your guide, you're equipped with the tools, knowledge, and support to make this journey a successful one.

We've outlined seven key steps to becoming an accountant, from defining your career goals to achieving professional certifications, gaining hands-on experience, and even specialising within the field. 

But the journey doesn't end here! It's a continuous evolution of learning and growth, just like the ever-changing world of finance. 

Ready to crunch the numbers in a rewarding accounting career? Explore the accounting courses offered by TMC and take the first step towards your new career today!