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Supporting Our Students

The Manchester College is committed to ensuring all our students receive the support they may need to achieve and enjoy college. We do this in a number of different ways.

The college Student Experience Support Workers (SESW) are based on every campus and are there to support learners through their time at college. If they are having difficulties in or out of college, the SESW provide a high level of support through one to ones and relevant referrals to external agencies. The SESW team also provide safeguarding support when needed. You can find out more information on our Student Support pages .

Members of our Careers, Employability & Welfare Team are based on every campus and can offer help and support on many topics including:

  • Course and career planning
  • Student finance/funding
  • Welfare issues

More detailed information about the roles and services of our Careers, Employability & Welfare Team can be found on our Student Support pages .

Within each curriculum area there is a team of Mentors who can support students if additional support is needed to ensure students reach their full potential.  Support can include setting targets for attendance and punctuality as well as working with students to develop solutions to any challenges they may face throughout their time at college.

The Supported Learning team offers personalised support programmes in partnership with curriculum teaching teams. We co-ordinate and provide support to learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). 

Our aim is to remove learning barriers so every student can access a highly effective learning programme. If you need a higher level of support, we will work together with you to identify your requirements.  If you have a disability or learning difficulty we can discuss your personal learning support needs and work with you to create your personal learning plan.

Our Additional Learning Support Managers are your first point of contact and are available by telephone on 0161 920 2358 / 0161 614 9163 or email specialistsupport@tmc.ac.uk

Click the link to find out more about our  Supported Learning team .