A ProPortal form


As a parent/carer of a young person attending The Manchester College you will have access to the ProPortal, an interactive online service you can use to review your son/daughter's progress at the college.

It contains information on the following:

  • Student personal and contact details with an option to edit and update details
  • Attendance & punctuality summary
  • A link to student reports
  • Option to add comments for the attention of your son/daughter’s Personal/Achievement Tutor to request a meeting with or request contact from any of your son / daughter’s tutors to discuss their progress
  • Timetable
  • Meetings – you will be able to view the times and dates of meetings arranged between students and staff
  • Intended Progression details (when agreed) – information about your son/daughter’s planned progression for example Year 2, the next level of course, another course, university, or employment

To access ProPortal you will need to complete the registration online using a personalised student reference (Person Code) which can be found on your son / daughter’s ID card.

Once your registration has been approved an account will be created and this can take up to five working days.

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