Openshaw Campus

Openshaw Campus is a welcoming centre, offering courses for school leavers, adults, university-level students and professionals. Many of the facilities at Openshaw are open to the community, including a salon, restaurant and fitness centre. Openshaw is a vibrant, modern campus, designed to be a supportive learning and social environment.

  • Openshaw is a suburb of east Manchester, a short bus ride from Manchester’s city centre. Openshaw Campus is built at the heart of the community with an open plan design and attractive green space and water features. Sportcity and the City of Manchester Stadium are close to the campus. Sportcity has a number of sports venues and fitness and sports facilities for the public. There is a 14-screen cinema five minutes away by car or 25 minutes on foot.

    Did you know?

    Gorton Monastery, behind Openshaw Campus, was named one of the most endangered sites in the world in 1997, alongside Pompeii, Taj Mahal and Valley of the Kings. It was nicknamed ‘Manchester’s Taj Mahal’ and has now been restored.

  • Bus routes to Openshaw include:
    C20, 219, 220, 221 53, 203, 216, 201, 188, 205, 206.

    Velopark and Etihad Campus Stations are about 20 minutes' walk from the campus.

    Ashburys train station is 10 minutes’ walk from the campus.

  • Bike parking
    The Openshaw Campus has a bike cage near the Tower car park.

    Car parking
    Parking is available at the campus.

Useful Info

Openshaw Campus
Ashton Old Road
M11 2WH

03333 222 444

Opening times

Monday: 8.00am-6.15pm

Tuesday: 8.00am-6.15pm

Wednesday: 8.00am-6.15pm

Thursday: 8.00am-6.15pm

Friday: 8.00am-4.30pm