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First Day Information

Here you can find information that you'll need for your first day.

Before you set off for college on your first day make sure you plan your journey. 

Familiarise yourself with the location, travel and parking options at the campus you'll be studying at using our locations page .  

You can check travel schedules across Greater Manchester on the Transport for Greater Manchester website

Did you know, if you're under 18 you may be eligible for Our Pass which grants you free bus travel across Greater Manchester. Find out more information on the  Our Pass website


For most courses you will need to bring a bag, pen and notepad for your first day. 

You may be studying a course which requires special equipment, for example, boots, chef whites or IT equipment, however, you'll find out more about what you'll need and how to get support with this during your induction week. 

ID badges must be worn at all times on your College lanyard and visible outside of clothing.


  • To keep our campus safe
  • To get access to the campus
  • Print allocation for copiers and printers (top up at library reception)
  • Free College meals at College catering outlets – weekly allocation

Forgotten it? You must sign in at reception and be given a temporary one (that you return at the end of the day)

Lost it? You will be issued a new one which you will be charged for.

Attendance and punctuality are integral and fundamental to your learning.

The core expectation for all students regardless of whether it is online learning or face to face is:

  • 100% attendance
  • 100% punctuality

We recognise though that this is a challenge for some students. It is your responsibility to notify the college using the campus specific contact details that can found at the Customer Service Desk on your campus.

Students experiencing consistent attendance and punctuality issues and are considered to be at risk of failing to achieve or of withdrawal may find themselves subject to our Fitness to Study process or our Student Disciplinary Process.

You must attend all of the time and be on time.

If you are unable to attend – you must contact us through the details below:

Campus Contact Details


0161 674 3262 |


0161 674 2962 or 0161 674 2282 |

Shena Simon

0161 674 3629/3543 |


0161 674 2748/8134 |


0161 674 1523 |

City Campus Manchester 0161 674 3339 or 0161 674 3573 |

In the event of a fire follow the instructions from supervising staff / Fire Wardens.

  • Evacuate the building immediately in an orderly manner by the stairways, following the shortest available and safest route
  • Disregard the one-way system on campus as it is an emergency
  • DO NOT use the lifts
  • DO NOT stop to collect belongings
  • Proceed directly to your assembly point
  • Remain at the assembly point until instructed to re-enter by the Fire Wardens

If you need help to leave the building in an emergency evacuation, possibly due to hearing, visual or mobility issues, you need to inform a member of staff so that arrangements the Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) can be put in place to ensure your safety.