ProPortal is where you will access your individual learning plan and view your overall progress on your study programme.

What information can you see on ProPortal?

  • Your contact details with an option to edit and update details
  • Your attendance/punctuality summary
  • Access to your reports/progress reviews
  • Your timetable
  • Meetings – 1-1 progress review meetings with your Progress Tutor
  • Intended progression details – Information agreed with you about your  planned progression upon completion of your course. For example Year 2, the  next level of course, another course, university or employment
  • SMART Targets – you can set your own short term Specific, Measurable,
  • Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound (SMART) targets in line with your progress
  • Work Experience – you can see your planned work experience and any work related activity/enrichment you have taken part in

If you are 16 or 17 years old your parents or carers will have access to ProPortal. If you are 18 and on a 16-18 Programme of Study you can opt in to giving your parents/carers access to ProPortal. If you have any concerns about us contacting your parent/carer please speak to your Progress Tutor.

Your teachers and your Achievement/Personal Tutor will want to regularly discuss in order to agree and set SMART Targets with you that will help support you in making the best possible progress whilst at college and will link to you achieving your target grade. The setting of these targets, and you successfully achieving them, is going to be very important to your own personal success and development on your programme of study. You will be encouraged to develop your own strategies, linking with those recommended by your tutors, in order to meet these targets and help make improvements.

SMART Targets are set and reviewed within your MyDay portal – at all times you will be able to view and review them there. Keep yourself familiar with what your targets are, including what your overall target grade is.

SMART stands for:


A target should focus on a particular aspect of your studies (e.g. English, maths, your main qualification etc)


You need to be able say when a target has been achieved (e.g. achieve a particular grade or percentage score – this can easily be measured).


It needs to be something that you can realistically achieve. If you feel a target is unobtainable then you must raise this with your teachers or tutor. That said, all targets should challenge you to be better, so expect some hard work in achieving them.


All targets must have meaning to you and it should be clear why achieving this target is important.


You should be given a target date by which a target is expected to be achieved. Make sure that, by this date, you have achieved the desired goal and discussed this with your teacher or Achievement/Personal Tutor.

The three main areas in which targets will be set for you are as follows:

Academic: some targets will be about how you can improve your course work so that you can improve your prospects of academic achievement (e.g. how to get a better grade)

Essential Skills: some targets will relate to the development of your English, maths, or digital literacy skills

The Deal: The Deal is an agreement between you and the college about your attitude to learning and the development of skills for employment. Some targets may relate to improving your performance in this area (e.g. attendance, time management, behaviour)

Academic SMART Targets

Usually, these will be generated by the feedback you receive on any coursework. In the feedback that you get from your teachers who mark your work, it should be made clear to you what you need to do better next time. This feedback should be used to determine your academic SMART Targets. Make sure you carry out any suggested actions as this will be critical in you making improvements in your work.

Essential Skills SMART Targets

These targets could be set with you by any teacher, or your Achievement/Personal Tutor. Improvement targets for these skills are most likely to arise out of any English/maths tests you do (if studying those subjects), or possibly from your coursework. The fact that these skills are called “essential” should tell you that without achieving these targets for improvement you will struggle to achieve as well as you can on your course and in employment.

The Deal SMART Targets

These targets are most likely to be discussed and set with you by your Achievement/Personal Tutor as part of a one-to-one review. These types of targets are key to ensure that you are meeting the minimum expectations around behaviour, attitude, attendance and preparation for work.

As a guide, you shouldn’t have more than six or seven SMART Targets at any one time. If you are being set more targets than this, or you feel overwhelmed, you should discuss this with your Achievement/Personal Tutor who will be able to direct you accordingly.

It may be that some targets become ‘overdue’ (that is the date by which they should be achieved has expired), in which case a teacher, or your Achievement/Personal Tutor should review it with you.

You should take responsibility for your targets and see them as key to your success. In many instances you may be setting them and writing them into MyDay yourself and also be responsible for reviewing them. The staff on your course will provide guidance for you around this and you should always ask if unsure.

As a 16-18 year old student attending The Manchester College your parent/carer will have access to ProPortal, an interactive online service where they can access your progress at the the recipients of the awards.

It contains information on the following:

  • Students’ personal and contact details with an option to edit and update
  • Attendance and punctuality summary
  • A link to student reports
  • Option to add comments for the attention of an Achievement Tutor, to request a meeting or contact from any of tutors to discuss their progress 
  • Timetable
  • Meetings – they will be able to view the times and dates of meetings arranged  between students and staff
  • Intended Progression details – information about your planned progression, for example Year 2, the next level of course, another course, university or employment.

To access ProMonitor you will need to register online using your personalised student reference (Person Code) which can be found on your ID card.

You can access ProMonitor here

Once their registration has been approved, an account will be created and this can take up to five working days.

Communication between the college and parents/carers is vital in order to monitor and support your progress.

Below you will find all the different ways in which we might get in touch with parent/carers to keep them up-to-date:

  • By phone, email or text
  • Through the online ProPortal for parents/carers – personalised log in required
  • At parent/carers evenings or other planned events
  • Meetings bringing together the student, parents/carers, teaching and support staff
  • Through progress review/reports.