By Wendy Butterworth - Careers & Welfare Manager

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Top industries in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester has a diverse workforce and is home to some amazing companies working across a variety of sectors. This creates lots of opportunities for individuals to find their career.

Each sector is different and requires its own set of skills. There are also some key transferable skills which are important across all industries, and you may read or hear in the news discussions around skills gaps. Read our blog on Agile Employability, which looks at 5 of the transferable skills employers are looking for.

Let’s take a look at some of the key industries in Greater Manchester.

Digital, Creative and Media

Digital skills are essential for all types of jobs and the digital, creative and media sector is a vibrant, fast growing and resilient sector in Greater Manchester. MediaCityUK at Salford Quays has become a hive for creative professionals from a range of industries including TV, radio, advertising, games design as well as computer programming and cyber security.

Some examples of careers include animator, cyber intelligence officer, graphic designer, digital marketer, software developer, website developer.

Check out what’s available in our Industry Excellence Academy for Computing & Digital and Industry Excellence Academy for Creative & Digital Media. We offer additional vocational courses in Computing & Digital and Creative and Digital Media.

Manufacturing and Technology

Manchester was home to the Industrial Revolution and keeping that trend going, now plays a role in the 4th Industrial Revolution, which focuses on the rapid change to technology caused by increasing interconnectivity and smart automation. This means the sector is moving away from traditional production processes and is focusing on using digital technology like artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics. Future skills will include sustainability and moving to low carbon technologies.

Some examples of careers include mechanical engineers, plant operatives, electrical engineers, packers. 

Check out the courses we have in our Industry Excellence Academy for Construction and Engineering. We have additional vocational courses available in Construction and Engineering. Click the link to find out more.

NHS, medical research and social science

This sector covers a vast range of careers where you could be helping people with their daily living needs, providing medical treatment, or researching new vaccines and treatments for a variety of health conditions. You could work directly for the NHS, in private hospitals, laboratories, and residential and nursing home settings.

Some examples of careers include social worker, doctor, nurse, support worker, healthcare scientist, housing advisor, and occupational therapist.

Check out what’s available in our Industry Excellence Academy for Health & Social Care. We offer additional courses in Health & Social Care, Humanities and Social Science and Science and Medical Science.

Logistics and E-commerce

Logistics is a fast paced and dynamic industry, and you could be employed in a range of careers. Logistics is all about the movement of goods – think about the clothes you are wearing to the phone in your pocket – these goods have reached you thanks to logistics.

E-commerce refers to things that have been bought online. Organisations have had to adapt how they operate as consumers change the way they shop. The COVID-19 pandemic saw a boost in online shopping and next day delivery. 

Some examples of careers include logistics supervisor, supply chain manager, sales assistant, buyer, delivery driver, packer.

Check out the courses we have available in Logistics to find out more.

Business, Finance, and Professional Services

This is a large wide-ranging sector and can cover careers in the legal, business, or the financial industries. The sector is also adapting to technology and is becoming more digital – particular with financial technology known as FinTech.

Whether you want to develop your own enterprise, or build a career within business, Manchester is full of opportunities.

Some examples of careers include lawyer, paralegal, accountant, company secretary, marketing executive, HR manager.

Check out the courses we have available in our Industry Excellence Academy for Business. We also offer a range of vocational and professional courses in Business, Finance and Professional.

Green Industries 

This industry is set to see huge growth. Greater Manchester has set a target to be carbon neutral by 2038, which is likely to mean there will be lots of opportunities in the sector over the coming years.

Jobs can be extremely varied and range from developing new technologies to make homes more energy efficient, developing low carbon transport systems and increasing local initiatives to protect the environment. 

Some examples of careers include electrical engineers, smart meter installers, roofer, project management and architecture. 

We offer a range of courses in a variety of industries and a big part of the future world of work will involve looking at how industries can become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint. 

The Careers & Welfare team at The Manchester College is made up of qualified careers professionals who will offer impartial personal career guidance. We support our students through every step of their journey, from pre-application and identifying the right course, through their programme with us and beyond. Contact us at careers& for advice, or through our Twitter @CareersTMC or our Careers TMC LinkedIn page.